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Collector Account

  • Based on the commercial contract signed with the customer, FAN Courier is empowered to cash* the values specified in the „Reimbursement” box.

*Law 227/2015 is applied, art 271 (services provision), line e, with the changes of the tax law updated.

7.50 lei (8.93 lei VAT included**)

The service is available for dispatches which have a reimbursement value in lei, under the following limits:

SenderReceiverMaximum collector account reimbursement
Private entityPrivate entity5.000 lei
Private entityLegal entity5.000 lei
Legal entityLegal entity5.000 lei
Legal entityPrivate entity5.000 lei

The reimbursement of money in the account: 7.50 lei (without VAT)/ 8.93 lei (with VAT)*.
The fuel index available here is added to the displayed prices.
*Displayed tariffs contain the value without and with VAT.

  1. The sender selects the option “Reimbursement in Account” or specifies the Collector Account Reimbursement service on the AWB; the Bank and the IBAN fields must be filled in;
  2. The customer will sign in the box “Delivery Signature” from the AWB, thus confirming the approval of the FAN Courier conditions;
  3. At destination, the courier will issue the bill of Collector Account Reimbursement related to the cashed reimbursement;
  4. The value of the reimbursement will be transfered by FAN Courier in the Collector Account of the customer in 2 working days since the delivery moment.

The users of SelfAWB application and the customers with contract benefit of additional information regarding the bank transfers: after the payment is made the customer automatically receives by email the register of dispatches for which bank transfer was made.