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Saturday Delivery

  • Dispatches picked up on Friday will be delivered on Saturday;
  • If the option is not selected, the dispatches picked up on Friday will be delivered on Monday

Saturday delivery: 7.00 lei (without VAT)/dispatch ; 8.33 lei (with VAT)/dispatch.

The tax paid additionally for the Saturday Delivery option is cancelled in the following situations:

  • The lack of delivery on Saturday if the dispatch could have been delivered during 09.00-14.00, but was not delivered because of FAN Courier;
  • Force majeure cases or cases which exclude FAN Courier.

The additional paid tax for option Saturday delivery is NOT cancelled in the following situations:

  • Noticed
  • Receipt refusal
  • Contacted recipient, subsequent delivery
  • Wrong address
  • Access restriction at address
  • Lack of recipient

The tax for the Saturday Delivery option is applied in case of dispatches with pick-up from headquarters as well.

*Displayed tariffs contain the value without and with VAT

The Saturday Delivery option is available in the whole country.