Frequently asked questions

1. How could I view the invoices in SelfAWB? How could I get the password for the Financial section in SelfAWB?

You can view the invoices in SelfAWB only if you used this application in the last 30 days. The first step is to send your SelfAWB username at and you will receive a password (different from the log-in password) that will help you view the invoices in PDF, and the invoice annexes in PDF and Excel.

2. Could I view my unpaid invoices from the Financial section in SelfAWB?

At the moment, you can only view those invoices issued based on the Service Agreement signed with FAN Courier; for information about the unpaid invoices feel free to contact us at and we will provide you with all the information you need.

3. Can I pay the invoices to the courier, in cash?

Yes, the invoices can be paid with cash to the courier. He will collect the value of the invoices and will issue you the receipt, only if the value does not exceed the amount of 5,000 lei/legal entity, respectively 10,000 lei/private person.

4. I have a contract with FAN Courier and I wish to obtain more information regarding the date when the invoices are issued.

The invoices are issued bimonthly, on the 16th and 30th/31st of each month. All the details regarding the issue date and the type of invoicing agreed (Monthly/Bimonthly) are specified in the contract. If you need additional information, feel free to contact us at

5. How could I change the e-mail address where my online invoices are sent?

In order to change the e-mail address for the electronic invoices, please feel free to send us a request at

6. Could I receive the proof of delivery for one or more shipments via e-mail?

Of course. Please send us your request along with the AWB number or numbers for which you need the proof of delivery at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

7. How could I cancel the cash on delivery?

The request is sent via email to, accompanied by a copy of AWB / PackingList. There may be exceptional cases where the refund will be required to be made to the nearest FAN Courier office upon request.

8. I wish to change the delivery address. Could I still receive my shipment today?

The delivery address can be changed, but rerouting towards a new address is considered a new shipment with an average term of 24 hours. So, a rerouted shipment will not be delivered in the same day.

9. I bought something online, but the product I received does not match what I ordered. What should I do?

FAN Courier takes over a sealed parcel from the sender (the online shop) and delivers it to the consignee. So, FAN Courier is only responsible for the shipment transport, the content is not its responsibility. If there are discrepancies between the product you ordered and the one you received, we recommend you to contact the online shop from which you bought the product.

10. I ordered something online, but I want to check the content of the parcel before I pay, in order to make sure it is what I ordered. Could I do that?

As we stated before, FAN Courier takes over a sealed parcel from the sender (the online shop) and delivers it to the consignee. The opening and the content checking of the parcel before confirmation and implicitly, before paying the cash on delivery or the shipment charge, are not allowed.
The exception is the Check On Delivery option, which offers you the opportunity to open and check the content of the received parcel, but without having the possibility to test the quality of the product inside.
The option is chargeable and can only be selected and paid by the sender.

11. How long does it take for you to send me the Cash on Delivery you collected for me?

The refund will be transferred to your account (for Collector Account refunds), respectively delivered to the address (for cash refunds) within a maximum of 2 working days from the date of collection.

12. What does "Declared value" mean? How does it help me?

If you choose to fill in the "Declared Value" field, you will pay an additional 1% of the value of the sent item, and in case of damage or loss you will be 100% compensated. Please, be advised! The insurance does not exclude proper packaging.

13. How should I pack? Do you offer packaging?

In order for your package to be adequately protected during transport, it is very important that you follow the packaging recommendations (see here). More than that, you can buy cardboard envelopes and boxes of different sizes in any FAN Courier working point.

14. Until what time I could place a pick-up order by phone?

The maximum hours for placing a phone order are 19:00 for Bucharest and 16:00 for the rest of the country, but the shipment must be ready when the courier comes to pick it up.

15. I ordered something online, I received an AWB number, but I cannot find it in your system. Why is that?

Your parcel was not picked up by the courier and the AWB is not in our database because it was not scanned yet. You will find the shipment in the system once the parcel is picked up from the sender.

Collect Point Questions

1. What does the working program displayed on the platform refer to?

It is the working program for the PayPoint Colet Expres stores. Only in these days and time frames you can pick up your parcels. Usually, the stores have an extended working program, including Saturdays and Sundays.

2. What does the distance displayed on the platform refer to ?

It is the approximate distance from the address you entered to the store.

3. Could I look for PayPoint Colet Expres stores near other addresses too?

Yes, you have the option to enter another address and the system will show you the closest PayPoint Colet Expres stores to the newly entered address. Please, be advised, you can only change the street and the number, not the city. If you want to choose an address from another city, you will need to return to the online store's page and change the delivery city.

4. I went to the store, but the retailer does not find my parcel. What should I do ?

If FAN Courier handed over the parcel to the store and you were notified that it arrived, we suggest that you follow the steps below:

* Describe the packaging and the type of the product you ordered
* Describe the size and the weight of the product/parcel
* Check if you are at the store you chose
* Ask the retailer to check all the parcels that have the shape or the dimensions close to those you described

5. After I ordered the product, how long does it take for the package to be delivered at the store?

After the online order confirmation, the parcel will be available in the PayPoint Colet Expres store starting the second business day. You will be notified at the time it is available in the store. The transit time until the parcel arrives in the store can vary, depending on the moment the online store hands it over to FAN Courier. In order to find out more details about the transit time, we suggest you to ask for information from the online store from which you purchased the product.

6. What does the validation codes refer to?

The validation code is a unique password of 5 alphanumeric characters and with it you will be able to pick up the parcel. You will receive the code via SMS/email. In the stores, the deliveries are authorized exclusively through these codes and personal I.D.s.

7. How could I pick up the parcel?

Once notified, you can go to the PayPoint Colet Expres store, taking with you the unique validation code and the I.D.

8. When and how do I know that my package arrived in the store?

When the package is delivered to the store by FAN Courier, you will automatically receive an SMS/e-mail with all the necessary information.

9. How could I check the status of a shipment?

If you need to check the shipment status you can access the AWB Tracking section on the FAN Courier website or you can ask for information at

10. What proof of payment do I receive for the cash on delivery or shipment charge amounts paid?

For any amount paid in the store, the retailer will give you a receipt. In order to obtain an invoice for the shipping charges you pay, you should contact FAN Courier and give us your information and the receipt number issued in the store.

11. How much time do I have to pick up the shipment from the store?

The PayPoint Colet Expres stores keep the parcels for 7 calendar days. If you do not show up at the store within this period of time, your parcel will be returned to sender.

Questions International Shipping

1. What are the types of transportation offered?

FAN Courier offers road transport services (in most of the E.U. countries) and air transport (worldwide).

2. How much will the shipment cost?

In order to estimate a price, please access Cost estimation.

3. How long will it take for my parcel to arrive?

For an estimated transit time, please access: Road times and Air times.

4. How could I place an order?

The order can be placed on the website by accessing the Call Courier section, from the Courier order menu in SelfAWB or by making a request at Please, be advised! Before placing the order, we kindly ask you to check the cost and the transit time of your shipment.

5. Could I bring the parcel to a FAN Courier working point?

You can go to any of the FAN Courier offices and working points. You can find their contact details here.

6. How could I place a pick-up order from another country?

For import orders (service available only with the shipment charge paid in Romania), the consignee needs to contact us at and mention the following details:

* package specifications: weight, dimensions, content;
* sender's/consignee's company name;
* complete address details (street, street number, postal code);
* contact persons;
* phone numbers;
* the date and time interval when the pick-up order can take place.

The pick-up process can be done only from Legal Persons and after proper packaging by the sender.

7. Could the consignee pay the shipment charge?

The shipment charge can be paid only by the customer from Romania, both for export and for import.

8. Could you collect Cash-on-Delivery from consignees outside Romania?

By using the Export - Collecting Account service you can ship to Hungary and Bulgaria with cash on delivery. The option is not available for other countries. For additional information, please access the "Services" section or feel free to contact us at

9. What documents are necessary in order to ship outside the E.U.?

The dispatches sent outside the EU that have other content than documents must be must be accompanied by customs documents (proforma invoice, packing list, copy of CUI or CI, EORI code - and have to be hand over to the courier together with the dispatch.

10. Is there any way I could insure my parcel?

FAN COURIER EXPRESS S.R.L. does not offer and provide dispatching services with declared value having the object of international postal dispatching.

11. How could I find out where the parcel is?

For information regarding the status of the shipment, please access the AWB Tracking section, or feel free to ask for details at

12. How could I obtain the proof of delivery for my shipments?

In order to receive the proof of delivery, please feel free to send us a request at

13. I would like you to return my shipment. What should I do?

The return requests need to be sent at along with the AWB number.

14. How could I change the delivery address?

You can send the correct/additional delivery data at, specifying the AWB number.

15. How will I be compensated in case of loss?

FAN Courier Express is responsible for international postal items in accordance with the provisions of liability (compensation) applicable to internal postal items mentioned in the “General Conditions Regarding the Provision of Postal Services”. For more details, please access the link

16. How could I sign a contract for international shipping?

Please send us your request at and

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