Aerial Worldwide

By Aerial Worldwide transport service, FAN Courier allows you to send packages and documents anywhere in the world, reaching the destination through the most powerful express network with this profile


  • these services include door-to-door transport (the sender’s door to the recipient’s door) and customs clearance formalities for non-document deliveries outside European Union.
  • non-documents transport outside the European Union requests the following documents:
    •  invoice
    • packing list
    • CUI (Company’s Unique Identification Code) copy (for legal persons)
    • ID (for physical persons)
  • the possibility to use our web solutions (SelfAWB, deliveries online tracking) and obtain free receipt. To follow the transit, it is possible to redirect to our partner’s site.

Information about duration of delivery can be found here.




Aerial Worldwide tariffs can be found here



FAN Courier reserves the right to not provide the delivery service in specified transit time, with the obligation to inform the customers about this before taking the order, under the following conditions:

  • Bad weather conditions independent of the company’s will (fog, blizzard, snow, heavy rain, flooding, yellow/orange/red code, icy/closed/ ineffective roads, etc);
  • Large number of orders registered and in operation;
  • Large volume of orders reported to the existing logistics facility, due to special situations or crowded year periods (Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, 1st-8th of March, etc);
  • The AWB is not generated from the SelfAWB application.
The customer’s approval from the order takeover by FAN Courier, in the previous mentioned conditions equals with his acceptance of failure risk in providing the service in specified transit time.

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