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In Europe, by Road

Service involving the collection, sorting, transport and delivery of envelopes and parcels up to 30 kg in most European countries.

FAN Courier is an exclusive member of EURODIS network in Romania, one of the main mixed delivery networks in Europe. EURODIS network connects 35 countries through local members, benefiting of their large knowledge upon that respective local logistic market.

Services that we make available are:


  • Plastic envelope with dimensions 36x26x10 cm;
  • Allows weight up to 5 kg;
  • Single tariff for dispatches in the states where this service is available.


  • Allows transports between 1 kg and 30 kg;
  • Well defined transit time (for details, click here);
  • Import service is available.


  • European network at your service;
  • Integrated transport services: door-to-door, pick-up from headquarters, delivery at the external partner’s office (no PO box delivery is allowed);
  • Substantial cost cuts;
  • Dedicated department with staff specialized in international transports;
  • Easy to use web solutions (track & trace, certification of delivery);
  • The possibility to import at similar tariffs;
  • Quality standard at European level;
  • Through the selfAWB app, you have the possibility to fill in the delivery details for all international dispatches.
  • To check the transit times related to the Europe by Road service, please check the LIST.
  • Delivery certification is available both on www.fancourier.ro and www.selfawb.ro.

Indemnities are made according to:
General Conditions Regarding the Provision of Postal Services.

Phone: 021 9336 (normal call, no surcharge)

E-mail: international@fancourier.ro or sales.bucuresti@fancourier.ro

Tariffs for Europe by Road service can be found here