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In Republic of Moldova, by road

Service involving the collection, sorting, transport and delivery of envelopes and parcels up to 30 kg in Republica Moldova.

The infrastructure of the entire FAN Courier network makes it possible to connect Romanian customers with the Moldovan market in a very short time, while also offering Moldovan companies access to an external market with superior purchasing power.

  • easy access for the creation of transport documents – directly from the application www.selfAWB.ro to the section AWB – International Shipping;
  • door-to-door deliveries;
  • brokerage services for the preparation of integrated export / import customs clearance formalities;
  • wide range of packaging available for a fee;
  • real-time tracking on www.fancourier.ro or www.fancourier.md;
  • dedicated Customer Support & Customer Service Teams: international@fancourier.ro, import@fancourier.md.

Given the fact that the Republic of Moldova is not a member of the European Union, each sending that does not contain documents must be accompanied by the necessary documents for the preparation of customs clearance for export. Thus, the clients who will access the international road service Romania – Republic of Moldova will have to prepare a set of documents, among which:

  • commercial invoice;
  • EORI code (https://www.customs.ro/);
  • packing List;
  • CUI / CIF copy;
  • self-assessment form;
  • customs brokerage contract;
  • self-declaration;
  • INCOTERMS delivery condition.

Once completed and signed, the documents are sent in editable format to the address: international@fancourier.ro for validation. After receiving the confirmation from the Dept. Internationally, documents can be attached to the package for easy access by the Customs Service.
Estimated transit time of 48-72 hours (time spent in the customs clearance process at Export / Import is not considered transit).
At the destination the shipments are introduced in the process of import customs clearance. Required documents from recipients include:

  • proof of payment for imported goods;
  • map (MD) – equivalent EORI code;
  • customs brokerage contract;
  • self-declaration.

The documents necessary for the import will be sent to the e-mail address  import@fancourier.md for validation.

Note: Payment of customs duties and VAT will be made before the shipments enter the import customs clearance process, according to the procedure agreed with the Customs Authorities of the Republic of Moldova.

Documents envelope (0-1kg)15 €
Parcel first kg35 €
Extra kg (1-30 kg)1.5 €


  • the service is available for deliveries to the Republic of Moldova at no cost for extra kilometers;
  • the transit time is 48-72h (the time spent in the Customs Export / Import customs clearance process is not considered transit);
  • shipments will be collected from Monday to Friday (09:00 – 18:30), with the possibility of setting a time for picking up shipments each day;
  • the weight of each package shall not exceed 30 kg and the dimensions length 60 cm / width 50 cm / height 30 cm;
  • the weight to be taken into account will be the highest value between the actual and the volumetric weight calculated as follows: length x width x height / 6000;
  • the Collector Account Refund Service is currently unavailable;
  • all shipments must be packed properly, according to the Packaging Guide – https://www.fancourier.ro/consulta-ghidul-de-ambalare-corecta-pentru-expeditiile-tale/;
  • all submissions are subject to the FAN Courier Terms and Conditions – https://www.fancourier.ro/conditii-generale-privind-furnizarea-serviciilor-postale/.

Indemnities are made according to:
General Conditions Regarding the Provision of Postal Services.

Phone: 021 9336 (normal call, no surcharge)

E-mail: sales.bucuresti@fancourier.ro

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