White Products

This service implies Cargo delivery within 2-3 working days from pick-up


  • The White Products service offers you the delivery of items within 3 working days from pick-up.
  • This estimated time can vary depending on the weight, dimensions and destination of the parcel. The service accepts only dispatches that are mandatory enrolled within the white home appliances category (without being limitative to): refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, cooking stoves, industrial air conditioners, built-in ovens etc.
  • The service gives you the possibility of a pre-established pick-up hour range. On demand, the dispatches picked up on Fridays can be delivered on Saturdays, under the strict condition of specifying this option on the AWB document.
  • For this service are accepted shipments that contain large white household appliances without being limited to: refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, stoves, industrial air conditioners, built-in ovens, etc.

At the express request of the customer, shipments picked-up on Friday will be delivered on Saturday, provided that “Saturday Delivery” will pe specified on the AWB.




Free delivery options for all FAN Courier clients:

  • SelfAWB app allows clients to print and keep track of all their dispatches. This way, they gain more time in handing over or picking up parcels, view document confirmation for their parcels and have access to real-time intermediate statuses;
  • Delivery confirmation on the phone or by tracking the AWB number, any time, on fancourier.ro;
  • Payment at destination;
  • Contacting the recipient on the phone, in case of special deliveries;
  • Free 7 days deposit and redirect of parcels with wrong contact information or turned down at delivery.


Exclusive delivery options for all contract-bound clients:

  • Client Tracking Service that offers a personalized page with info about dispatches and delivery confirmations;
  • The possibility of receiving deliveries with payment straight in your bank account, from any FAN Courier subsidiary or partner;
  • A bimonthly bill accompanied by a detailed annex with all your dispatches;
  • For SelfAWB users – the possibility of viewing bimonthly bills the next day after issuing;
  • SelfAWB app: every user has the option of creating his own database with frequent recipients by manually selecting them or by uploading a pre-existing list. The benefits include lower time in handing over or receiving expeditions, as well as the option of visualizing delivery confirmation documents;
  • Priority in pick-up and delivery during high-demand seasons.



You can fully ensure your expedition by paying 1% of its declared value. Therefore, in case of theft, complete impairment or disappearance, the client will be entirely compensated, only in case of correct and suited packaging option.


Product category Product type Suited packaging
White products Refrigerator, washing machine, stove Wood box filled with styrofoam





White Goods Service is available throughout the coverage FAN Courier. For the list of localities go to fancourier.ro/coverage.


  • The maximum accepted weight is 100kg per package
  • Dimensions: maximum 3 meters long



  • 1st kg: 30.00 lei (without VAT) / 35.70 lei (with VAT)
  • Each extra kg: 2.50 lei (without VAT) / 2.98 lei (with VAT)
  • Each extra km: 0.80 lei (without VAT) / 0.95 lei (with VAT)

Shipments without AWB issued by the client from online applications: 2.00 lei (without VAT) / 2.38 lei (with VAT)***
*The displayed prices include the value excluding VAT and the VAT included
**0.80 lei (without VAT) / 0.95 lei (with VAT) per additional km done outside FAN Courier locations, in one direction.
***The shipping cost corresponding to the type of service chosen is added.








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