Cash reimbursement

A counter-reimbursement type of service which implies the collection, sorting, transport and delivery of dispatches with cash reimbursement, in a minimum term of one and maximum 3 working days from the pick-up moment and the delivery of the cash reimbursement by envelope to the sender, in a term of 2 working days from the delivery of the first dispatch, using a road transport solution.


  • Based on the commercial contract signed with the customer, FAN Courier is empowered to cash* the values mentioned in the “Reimbursement” box.

*Law 227/2015 applies, art 271 (services provision), line e, with the changes of tax law updated.




The service is available for dispatches which have a cash reimbursement value in lei, under the following limits:

Dispatcher Receiver Max cash reimbursement
Private entity Private entity 5.000 lei
Private entity Legal entity 5.000 lei
Legal entity Legal entity 5.000 lei
Legal entity Private entity 5.000 lei

The return of cash reimbursement: 14.00 lei (without VAT); 16.66 lei (VAT included) + 2% of the value of reimbursement.
*Displayed tariffs contain the value without and with VAT.
The fuel index available here is added to the displayed prices.



  1. The sender selects the “Reimbursement” service;
  2. The customer will sign in the “Deliery Signature” box on the AWB, thus confirming the approval of the FAN Courier conditions;
  3. At destination, the courier will issue the reimbursement bill + a new AWB for the cashed reimbursement;
  4. The value of the cash reimbursement will be delivered towards the sender in a term of 2 working days from the delivery of the first dispatch;
  5. The return of the cash reimbursement becomes a new dispatch, which is charged separately.


According to the General Conditions Regarding the Postal Services Provision.


The Cash Reimbursement is available for the: StandardRed Code, Express Loco, Freight forwarding, White Goods services.


Phone: 021.9336 (normal call, no surcharge)


The service is available in Romania.

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