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FANbox – a network of parcel lockers with nationwide expansion!



5 years after the launch of the first lockers in Romania, FAN Courier presents FANbox, the friendliest delivery service, for customers who want to take full control of deliveries and pick up or drop off their shipments, at any time.


FAN Courier invests over 10 million euros in FANbox – a nationwide network of lockers that offers customers more flexibility in depositing and/or picking up shipments.


“In a world where most services adapt to the client’s need for flexibility, the implementation of the FANbox locker system is a natural solution that offers the possibility to send shipments outside of the employees’ working hours and to pick up shipments independently of the working hours courier’s work.
Also, in 2022, it is no longer enough for delivery to be fast and efficient today, but also sustainable for tomorrow. The FANbox locker system is also an environmentally friendly solution, because we reduce the number of routes we take with our cars.
Therefore, we are friendly with nature and we also synchronize with the schedule of our customers, who can pick up their envelopes and parcels simply and quickly, at any time”
, said Adrian Mihai, CEO and co-founder of FAN Courier.





  • The FANbox network will reach 1,000 units by 2023, and the future plan is to install several thousand more units in the coming years.
  • The lockers are located in locations very accessible to customers, are available 24/7, and transport costs are lower than door-to-door services.>
  • Delivery to lockers is environmentally friendly, helping to reduce the CO2 footprint. Delivery alternatives to fixed points are the sustainable solution for the future, with carbon emissions significantly reduced compared to door-to-door deliveries.
  • Through the FANbox network, customers can always pick up or drop off parcels and envelopes in FAN Courier lockers.




The first 220 FANbox lockers developed together with partners from ARKA Industrial Automation have already been installed in several cities in the country and the network will double by the end of the year. The expansion plan calls for 1,000 units to be installed in the country by the middle of next year.


By launching the FANbox network, we continue to be close to our customers and invest in innovative services to meet their needs. Thus, FAN Courier customers, companies and individuals alike, will benefit from more flexibility in picking up and/or dropping off shipments.
The services offered through the FANbox locker network are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The lockers are located in very accessible locations and the transport costs are lower compared to door-to-door services. Payment for all services at the locker (transport, cash on delivery, etc.) can also be made with the card at the locker.


As soon as the shipments are available in the machines, the recipients receive by SMS or email a secret collection code (PIN) as well as other information necessary to pick up the shipments. All what customers have to do is enter the PIN code received via SMS/email on the touchscreen of the lockers; the operations they have to perform at the terminals are intuitive and very easy to follow. Based on the received SMS or email, the customer can pick up his shipment from the locker of his choice: scan or type the unique collection code received and pick up his shipment.


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