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TAPA certification for the HUB in Ștefănestii de Jos

FAN Courier receives TAPA certification, the international standard for the safety and security of transported goods, for the HUB in Ștefănestii de Jos.

Just a few months after obtaining, for the first time in Romania, the TAPA certification for the headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, FAN Courier acquired the same certification in the central HUB in Ștefăneștii de Jos, Ilfov. The HUBs in Suceava, Arad and Brașov will also be accredited.
       • TAPA certification provides FAN Courier customers with an additional guarantee regarding the safety with which their shipments are transported and handled in the company’s warehouses.
       • To meet TAPA security requirements, FAN Courier has acquired high-performance CCTV and anti-burglary systems and developed a range of work and access procedures.

Through TAPA certification, FAN Courier provides customers with an additional guarantee regarding the security and safety with which their goods are transported and handled. The certification obtained by the company represents an additional guarantee in the relationship with large companies that wish to work with courier companies that meet international security standards or are conditioned by such certification, through the internal regulations of operation and contracting of shipments.

In order to meet the security conditions required by TAPA, FAN Courier has acquired high-performance CCTV and anti-burglary systems and developed a series of working and access procedures to operational areas. Thus, all FAN perimeters have human security and access control, all persons entering, and exits are registered in a register, all seals used are ISO 17712 certified and all operational areas, storage areas, loading areas and office premises are adequately lit and properly secured. Thus, all the security systems used in certified FAN Courier warehouses are efficient and brought to the standards required by TAPA.

TAPA certification is valid for three years and is granted following an audit performed by an external auditor, subsequently verified by an independent certification company. Annually, an internal team will do a self-audit, to ensure compliance with safety and security parameters according to TAPA requirements.

What is TAPA?
Against the background of the increase in the number of crimes throughout the supply, transport and storage chain, several companies founded, in 1997, the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), with the aim of developing a global security standard for companies operating in the field of transport and logistics. Thus, companies that want to obtain certification must ensure that they meet the security and safety requirements of transport and storage imposed by TAPA.

TAPA EMEA (which also includes Romania) is made up of over 750 companies and organizations, which include top brands, carriers and courier and logistics service providers. The Association also includes insurers, law firms, security service providers at the highest standards, parking lot operators and other associated partners and consultants.

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