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Internal measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Amid the ongoing events, externally and internally, we inform you that the courier activity is performed under normal conditions, without restrictions or limitations in any geographic areas inside and/or outside the borders.

We act with maximum responsibility and in close collaboration with the competent authorities, abiding by all the hygiene and prevention standards established by these.

We already implemented a set of measures to avoid any disturbance risk of the activity in the relation with you, so:

  • All the employees are constantly informed regarding the measures they can take to protect them, their colleagues and families from an eventual contamination.
  • We acquired sanitizer, protection masks and gloves that we distribute towards all the units from the country and all the members of the FAN Courier team in Romania.
  • The employees of the company who interact with the public will use protection masks and gloves, where the situation requires this.
  • The Area Managers are constantly monitoring, along with the representatives from the Human Resources Department and the doctors with whom we collaborate, the situation of the absences and prioritary of the absences due to medical causes.
  • A careful triage of the employees is made and those traced with specific signs of disease (flu, cold etc.) are urged to isolate in their houses and to contact the authorities at the sole emergency number 112 or the GREENLINE (0800 800 358).
  • Internally we prepared an emergency protocol which includes a set of measures and strategys for the situation where we could have any suspicion of infection of an employee with COVID-19.

It is important to state that, in accordance with the official information existent internationally, there is no risk of infection for the employees or the beneficiaries of dispatches through the sent parcels or envelopes.

However, we recommend you to choose the card payment when you place orders towards the online stores to limit the cash collections.

We are convinced that by acting responsibly, abiding by all the prevention requirements, we can each contribute to the decrease of any extension risk of this situation influenced by many uncertainties!

Best regards,

FAN Courier Team




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