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Couriers are on duty!

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FAN Courier, the leader of the local delivery market, informs that the delivery activity is made under safety conditions for customers and employees, without restrictions or limitations in any geographic area of Romania. The company took all the prevention measures imposed by the norms in force, so that the delivery of dispatches is made on time and fully abiding by the public engagement “Anywhere, with pleasure”.

We also have implemented the possibility of contactless delivery for the shipments where no cash collection is required and the receipt confirmation can be generated electronically.


The crisis that we have marks the beginning of a new reality for all the global economy and responsibility and trust are two of the attributes of this period. We are relying on trust in the relations with others and act, individually and collectively, with responsibility. Our teams are at duty, as we do for 22 years, whether it is crisis or not. We thank them for courage and devotion, for the accountability with which they understood that prevention is in their hands and abide by all the measures. We insure all our customers and partners that the delivery service is made under safety conditions, that they can stay home because we are at duty and are doing our job well. We thank them for their trust and encourage them to act responsibly and, as much as possible, to make payments with card at traders, giving up the reimbursement payments”, Felix Pătrășcanu, managing partner FAN Courier, declared.

Our employees are at duty and do their job with accountability. Mutual respect and trust in such situations are absolutely necessary so that we can all perform the activity under optimal conditions.

How can you show us that #youcare

  • Respect your courier! He is vulnerable, but he already took measures to protect you from risks, as well!
  • Protect yourself and your close ones: wear protection mask and gloves when you have to pick-up a dispatch from the courier, if you have simptoms of flu or cold.
  • Use your own writing instrument to sign for receipt or use the option ePOD which eliminates the receipt confirmation on paper.
  • Choose the electronic payment at the merchant. This eliminates additional risk from cash receipts! In addition, to avoid any contact with FAN employees, you can also opt for contactless delivery. Request its activation by sending an email to bucuresti@fancourier.ro.

From the very start of the crisis generated by COVID-19, the company strongly collaborates with the competent authorities and took all the hygiene and prevention measures to protect its employees and clients. So:

  • All the employees who are having contact with customers were supplied with protection masks, gloves and sanitizer. They are constantly informed regarding the measures they can take to protect themselves, their colleagues, families and customers to avoid the risk of a possible infection.
  • We permanently monitor, alongside the representatives from the Human Resources Department and doctors with whom we collaborate, the situation of absences from medical reasons.
  • The area representatives are making selections and all those who have a symptom of flu or cold are not allowed to go on field.
  • The company has implemented an emergency protocol that will be activated in case there is a suspicion of infection risk.

Until now there is no case of infection within the company.

We thank both the customers for the trust they give us when we deliver the dispatches at their door, but also the employees who, during these delicate moments, do their job taking all the safety measures seriously.

eCommerce Solutions

FAN Courier has created modules for integrating courier services on your website.