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Expanding the FANbox network

Due to the positive reactions recorded on the market,

FAN Courier is extending its FANbox network to 2000 lockers

  • FAN Courier announces the purchase of an additional 1000 FANbox lockers in 2023, to be installed throughout the country;
  • Online stores wishing to enrol in the FANbox delivery system benefit from extensive support;
  • The demand for out-of-home delivery or shipment handover solutions is constantly growing.


FAN Courier, the leader of the courier market in Romania, announces the purchase of an additional 1000 FANbox lockers, thus expanding its network to 2000 units throughout the country. This decision to increase the number of units comes as a result of customers’ openness to this delivery method and the large number of requests received from customers and partners alike, to install lockers in all cities of the country.

In October 2022, FAN Courier launched the investment in its own FANbox locker network, with a project that was then estimated at 10 million euros, set to be developed in stages. Following the  success the initiative had from the very beginning, the company decided to expand the network and install an additional 1000 units. The lockers give several advantages, both to the company and to the end customers.

During our 25 years of activity, we have always paid attention to our customers, to their needs, thus many of the solutions implemented by FAN Courier came in response to these needs. The rapid success of the lockers installed in the first months after the start of the investment, prompted us to continue the pace of installation throughout the country. We are confident that these lockers are an efficient solution for everyone involved – retailers, couriers and recipients. Thanks to our locker network, we increase the independence of the end customer – who no longer needs to be at his/her address to receive the package, we increase the productivity of our couriers and help protect the environment – a courier can deliver a higher number of shipments and they can also pick up returns from the same unit with a single trip by car”, said Adrian Mihai, CEO of FAN Courier.

The company maintains its strategy of placing FANbox lockers at national level. These will be installed both in large cities, county capitals, and in small towns, in order to make the service available to as many people as possible.

The lockers are available both for receiving parcels (pick-up) and for sending and returning orders (drop-off) and they are designed for customers who want more flexibility and efficiency to organise their own time as they want. They can find the lockers close to their homes, their workplaces, the areas where they do their shopping, where they refuel their cars, etc. and they benefit from lower delivery rates than the classic door-to-door delivery.

Besides, the new FANbox lockers come with a technological upgrade implemented together with partners from ARKA Industrial Automation, that improves the equipment’s reliability and the experience of the customer using them.

By using the FANbox delivery service, customers benefit from multiple advantages apart from the lower rate: they can pay the fee by card, they can deposit the returns directly in the locker and they can make deliveries between individuals, all on a 24/7 basis. Natural persons can fill in the AWB electronically, without having to print it and apply it on the parcel. FANbox lockers allow the receipt and expedition of parcels and envelopes weighting up to 30 kg.

In order for shipments to be delivered via the FANbox locker network, an enrolment mechanism dedicated to online stores has been implemented. Thus, a dedicated FAN Courier team provides interested retailers with technical integration documentation and support during the integration process. After enrolment, the online stores’ customers can select the delivery of their ordered products at the FANbox, and they have 72 hours pick them up. Online stores that conclude a contract with FAN Courier for the locker system, can also integrate, in addition to the pick-up option, the drop-off option too, thus offering their customers complete benefits for the entire order flow.

To host lockers, the FAN Courier team invites interested parties to send a request to the following address: fanbox@fancourier.ro. The selection criteria for the spaces intended to host the lockers take into account the following aspects: locations of interest to customers, with intense pedestrian traffic, increased visibility, easy access and provided with a power source. The dedicated FAN Courier team will visit the location, and if it meets the eligibility criteria, an installation decision will be made.  

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