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Delivering emotions by FAN Courier

Everyday our team gets in touch with thousands of people and parcels, many of them having a unique story. Our latest campaign “Delivering Emotions” talks about some of these special stories that we deliver everyday, everywhere in Romania and abroad.

Through our partnership with a local magazine, Decat o Revista, we challenged three people to choose an important person in their life and send them a heart warming message on the last page of the magazine.

“We wanted to show the world that we don’t only deliver parcels. We also deliver thoughts, beautiful memories, emotions. And this time, we deliver messages that will reach their destination not by SMS, e-mail or notification. They will be delivered on the back cover of a magazine. ” Roxana Magopet (Marketing Director, FAN Courier)


“Delivering Emotions” is an initiative to communicate authentic life experiences, kick started by FAN Courier in collaboration with DoR. The campaign will roll throughout the year and will showcase many senders and receivers, many friends, old and new.

“The purpose of the stories we showcase in DoR is to bring people closer together and help us better understand the world we live in. FAN Courier believes in the power of these stories and that is why they help us deliver the magazine to all of our subscribers, all across the country. We are glad that together with Marks, we transformed our partnership in a story that is worth being shared.” Cristian Lupsa (Editor, DoR)

The first story that we deliver comes from Tedy Necula and is for George Balta, former Rugby player that 10 years ago was left paralyzed due to an accident on the stadium. Tedy directed a film about the George’s life story that is successful, despite the challenges.


The other two messages are written by Raisa Beicu and Electric Brother, both for recipients located very far away, yet still close to their heart. Raisa wrote to her favourite author, american Jonathan Franzen. Cristian Stefanescu, also known as Electric Brother chose Norzeatic and invited him to the release of his new music video in cinema. For this occasion, we’ll send the magazine all the way to Japan.

Heart warming messages deserve to be delivered in a special form. That is why we put three stories on the last page of the magazine and we will continue to send different messages all across the year. The first three messages can be read in the 27 edition of DoR, delivered by FAN Courier, the official delivery partner of the magazine.

Find out the story behind the scenes:

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