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Collect Point from FAN Courier – the service that allows you to pick up the package when and where you want it

How would it be like to make an online order and pick it up at an hour suited to your program? Thanks to Collect Point from FAN Courier this is possible. You choose WHEN, HOW and WHERE, to pick-up the package.

Collect Point through PayPoint Colet Expres network is an innovative solution to make more efficient parcel delivery, and it was introduced by FAN Courier as a result of the growing demand for courier services but also to meet customers’ need to reduce waiting times. Through this service, consumers can request the delivery of small and medium-sized parcels in PayPoint partner stores, where they can pick them up at flexible hours according to their schedule.


How does this service work?

Go on your favorite online store and add to cart the products you want to buy. Fill in the information needed for completing and confirming the order. Select the Collect Point delivery option and then select the nearest PayPoint Colet Express store ti pick your order. Confirm the order and selects the payment method.

After the delivery of the package in the store, you will receive an e-mail or SMS which will contain the unique collecting code and all you will have to do is to present yourself with this code and with your ID card for picking up the package.

In PayPoint Coles Express stores, you can also pay on cash on delivery, in case you did not choose to pay already using other payment methods when you ordered the product.

By choosing the Collect Point service at PayPoint Colet Express stores, you will be able to pick-up your online ordered packages simple, safe and fast.



Why should you choose Collect Point through PayPoint Colet Expres network?

Collect Point is an efficient, flexible and convenient alternative for picking up online orders, offering the following benefits:

  • extended working schedule of the stores
  • proximity and large area coverage of PayPoint Romania network
  • the possibility to pick up the package within 7 days, in the optimal hours according to your schedule

“Our statistics have shown that customer satisfaction increases when you come with a viable, affordable and easy to implement solution. The customer wishes his delivery to arrive on time at destination and to receive the order in the shortest possible time. We are convinced that the partnership with PayPoint will be a long-lasting and especially successful since PayPoint is, like FAN Courier, a national service provider with a history of over 10 years in Romania and with a business strategy based on organic growth”, said Roxana Magopeț, Marketing & PR Manager FAN Courier.

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