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We have launched the FAN Retur platform

We have launched the FAN Retur platform and we estimate the reduction of up to 90% of the time allocated to the return of good quality products.

  • By accessing FAN Return platform, the processing of a return order and the generation of the AWB are made by filling in a single online form.
  • Customers can return the products regardless of the way they purchased them – online or from the store, to any retailer, enrolled or not enrolled in the platform.
  • If you have a business and you want to benefit from this service, you can sign up for free on the platform.

We have launched FAN Retur platform in order to meet the customers’ need to make their time more efficient. FAN Return is a simple, fast and secure solution. By filling in a single form, regardless of whether the purchase was made online or directly from the store and regardless of the courier company that made the initial shipment – you can start the return process that FAN Courier will take over in full, without having to contact by telephone or e-mail the retailer.

Returned products can be picked up from an address indicated by the customer or can be brought to one of the FAN Courier offices and the whole process is taken over by us later.

Using FAN Return, stores will have greater traceability for returned packages, because they can ask customers in the required fields to mention an order number, can track and manage returns made through the platform separately, can generate reports and benefit of preferential rates for returns.





How FAN Return platform works

The return procedure starts very quickly, by simply accessing the platform https://retur.fancourier.ro/, where people who want to place an order must choose the store to which they want to return the products and fill out the return form. Returns can be made to both registered stores and those that are not found on the platform, in which case the sender must access the “OTHER STORES” button and then complete the form.

The platform can be used without creating an account and the time with launching and processing a return order is reduced by at least 50%. For customers who have, however, a selfAWB account, the order issuance time is shortened by up to 90%.

After completing the form, the AWB is generated and the lift command is launched directly from the platform. Depending on the chosen option, the sender can hand over the package he wants to return to the courier or he can go to the nearest FAN Courier office for personal delivery. In both cases, the sender can hand over the shipment without having to present the printed / completed AWB. It is completed exclusively by FAN Courier representatives.

There is also information on the platform on the correct packaging of parcels, and those who choose to deliver to a FAN Courier office can also purchase the necessary packaging.

Reimbursement of money for returned products will NOT be made through FAN Courier, but depends on the return conditions applied by each retailer.

eCommerce Solutions

FAN Courier has created modules for integrating courier services on your website.