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The advantages of updating your software and the benefits of using the new selfAWB version

Technology is evolving at an accelerated pace and cyber threats are keeping up with new changes.

To stay one step ahead, we recommend our customers to update their operating system and use the new version of the selfAWB app.

The operating system is an essential part in the operation and use of any device. Each new upgrade and each new version of a program brings improvements to combat potential dangers in the online environment, such as a virus or malware infection.

The use of an outdated software makes the security of the computer more vulnerable to cyber attacks, which can lead to the loss of data from the system or using the data for malicious purposes.

An outdated operating system does not allow an application to be accessed at its true performance, which is why users can lose sight of facilities that could help them improve productivity and efficiency.

FAN Courier constantly takes additional measures regarding the communication network infrastructure to remove any possible danger and provide the best services in the most secure and powerful environment possible.

The new version of selfAWB is up-to-date and has a higher level of protection installed – TLS 1.2, through which we keep the stored data safe and deliver the best performance.

FAN Courier provides its customers the useful links to update their browser, if they have not already done so, in their selfAWB account.

FAN Courier recommends its customers to download an upgraded version of browser and use the new version of selfAWB to remove any possible cyber vulnerability from their system and enjoy the benefits of using a better performing, more powerful, more secure software.

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