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RO e-Invoice system

The economic environment is ever-changing, and the first month of the New Year brings a series of fiscal changes and amendments to the Law no. 296/2023 regarding Romania’s long-term financial sustainability.
Because we want to be as prepared as possible for all the new challenges that come with these amendments, we’re coming forward with a short summary of Art. LIX provisions.
For additional information, here’s the detailed RO e-Factura Guide.

As you know, starting January 1st, 2024, Law no.296/2023 came into force, stating that all economic operators will be required to send the issued invoices using the RO e-Factura national system, whether the recipients are registered in the RO e-Factura Registry or not.

Starting July 1st, 2024, RO e-Factura will become the only way of sending fiscal invoices.

This regulation applies to all economic operators – any taxable person residing in Romania (whether they are registered for VAT or not), and for any non-residing taxable person, but registered for VAT in Romania, if the place of supply for the delivery of goods/services is Romania.

Important information

  • The deadline for the invoice submission through RO e-Factura system is 5 business days from the date of issue.
  • Failure to comply with the legal provisions in force constitutes a contravention and is punishable by a fine (see Chapter I in the RO e-Invoice Guide). However, in order to support the process of aligning to the new rules and processes, during January 1 – March 31 2024, non-compliance with the deadline for sending the envoices in the national e-Factura electronic invoice system is not sanctioned.
  • During the transition period to the new e-Factura system, the invoices issued by our company will be sent in the format agreed before the enforcement of Law no. 296/2023.

Our company started the necessary procedures to fulfill the new legal requirements and we will comply to the laws in effect.

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