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FAN Courier launches FAN SCHOOL


FAN SCHOOL | Premises


The FAN School was born out of a need to provide our customers with top-quality courier services in an optimal time. To achieve this, we need to have well-trained people who have strong knowledge of courier services. The current context of the workforce in logistics and courier does not include the means that provides relevant knowledge in this direction, so we have identified here an opportunity to bring some benefits to the Romanian market. FAN SCHOOL is a support for the labor market offering specialized training and a favorable framework to the development of basic skills for getting into the fields of courier logistics jobs.


With more than 20 years of experience in fast delivery, with over 5800 employees and national collaborators, FAN Courier becomes one of the leading employers in this field. These aspects, as well as the existence of an Internal Training and Development Department, operational for more than 10 years, with industry-specific programs, are the underpinnings of the FAN SCHOOL.


Thus, FAN Courier aims to build and implement at national level a vocational learning environment adapted to the specific courier competencies, in order to provide the Romanian labor force with the right framework for professional training, dedicated to courier and related posts.




FAN SCHOOL is open to anyone who is over age of 18 and wants to be professionally trained to pursue a career in logistics. The 18-year limit is imposed because in the training we offer, the trainee will follow the driving school to obtain the driving license. The selection criteria for FAN SCHOOL are not restrictive, anyone can apply regardless of previous education or experience. All you need to do is to be at least 18 years old and wish to attend the school classes and join the FAN Courier team after graduation and getting a driving license.


FAN SCHOOL | Training and benefits


Those who apply for FAN SCHOOL enjoy a flexible training program tailored to their own learning rhythm which includes both theoretical and practical training. A great advantage is that training is free of charge and you are enrolled in the driving school to get the driving license. The form of learning includes online sessions as well as classroom workshops. Each registered participant will develop job-specific skills, technical skills, basic logistics, use of mobile devices, legislation, and mechanics. We also considered courses to develop customer-related skills and professional conduct tailored to the business environment, trafficking and social responsibility.


A major benefit for the school is that it prepares you for courier and other fast-moving jobs by giving you a graduate job at the FAN Courier team.


Also, by setting up FAN SCHOOL, the leading courier company in the Romanian market creates equal opportunities for people from disadvantaged environments and areas to get a job in a growing industry and company that is the leader in field.


Enter and find out all the details on how to apply for FAN School courses at www.fancourier.ro/scoala-fan

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