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FAN Courier: A story from friendship to the position of market leader

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It is hard to imagine the modern world without courier services. Every day, thousands of cars travel the world delivering packages, envelopes, surprises, messages, emotions, leading projects to be completed and building unique stories.

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In 1998, the three FAN Courier founders took the decision of establishing the courier service that soon will become the domestic market leader. The two brothers, Adrian and Neculai Mihai, together with their childhood friend, Felix Patrascanu have started with a personal financial investment and the same approach, based on the same values. This similar set of values will help further to relate to Romanian market with optimism and confidence, a country worth investing that offers unlimited possibilities for growth and development.




Fondatorii FAN Courier

On January 16th , the same year, the three friends have received the first order for delivery from a company in the medical field, the first business partner who has remained true to this day. The first shipments were honored using personal vehicles, one of them having a star name – “Green Rage”. Since then, the fleet has steadily grown, now reaching more than 3,100 vehicles.

Felix Patrascanu, one of the FAN Courier founders, believes that any organization is a living organism that must maintain and adapt to challenges. This kind of thinking was also the reason that kept the company on top.

The road to “market leader” position

After 8 years of existence, FAN Courier became the market leader. The trip to the status of “best” meant continual investment in value-added services and permanent development. A year later, the story of the three friends would turn surprisingly. In 2007, the warehouse had so many packages, that become too small. This was the moment when the decision was taken to set up a modern HUB, equipped to the highest standards.

10 years after foundation, FAN Courier owns 1,500 vehicles and has 2,000 employees. The company starts from a trust policy, “from employees to customers”, a very healthy approach to the market. Dedication of employees and management involvement and constant investments brought financial growth even during the crisis. Later, inauguration of the first sorting band from Romania and opening the HUB in Stefanesti become clear signs of strengthening the market position.

Even though it faced with both financial losses and obstacles from competition, FAN Courier is an example of healthy growth, both in terms of turnover and number of employees and their knowledge base.

Awards and distinctions received over time are the guarantee that FAN Courier is always on track, as the promise of “anywhere, with pleasure” is reflected in all areas of activity. (More about the awards here)


What does FAN Courier mean nowadays:


FAN Courier 18 ani

Currently, FAN Courier is one of the strongest domestic brands, with 123 branches across the country and a FANtastic team, ready to deliver even in the most remote places in the country. A FAN courier is a man of action, always on the road and always ready to go to a new destination, to create new relationships, to bring smiles. Their professionalism is the reason that positioned the company to a higher level in terms of professionalism. To this, add the desire to serve, every year, as many places without additional kilometers.

Today, FAN Courier is the best known courier company in Romania, with a turnover of nearly 90 million Euros and 30 million annual shipments. Beyond the numbers, mileage or number of packages delivered, FAN Courier means closeness, time, speed and excitement. What is your positive experience with FAN Courier?  ?

eCommerce Solutions

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