Detect fraud attempts and don’t let yourself be fooled!

An SMS is not always what it seems.

Detect fraud attempts and don’t let yourself be fooled! Be vigilant, pay attention when entering your credit card details in a form!

Do not disclose card details (card number, expiration date or security code). Cyber ​​attackers act intelligently, but we can be even smarter.

Here’s how you can prevent fraud: check if the SMS that you received is indeed from us! FAN Courier will never ask for your credit card details and will not request an online payment. If you receive a message on the phone informing you that you have to collect money from an OLX buyer do not access the link and do not provide your card details. This is a fraud attempt that illegally uses the name of our company to deceive you.




On Black Friday, FAN Courier launches the ticketing application for a permanent dialogue with its customers

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Starting November 4, 2019, we opened a new FAN Courier agency in Luduș!

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Work schedule December 2019 – January 2020

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