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An Ordinary Day – The Story of the Campaign

The courier delivers at our homes those shoes at discount, books that will have a special place on the bedside or the gift we are going to offer. We only see the parcel, but how do they see every delivery they make? Having this curiosity, we started the new FAN Courier campaign, An Ordinary Day – Real Life Edition. A campaign with and about couriers, delivered by them.

The job of a courier is not always easy, because he actually has daily juggling with attributes of several trades. He has to be a good driver and always on time, must have a great customer relationship, because every day he meets new people and he must always be ready to solve unexpected situations. The beautiful side of the courier profession is that it has the potential to gather stories of all kinds: cheerful, sad, emotional, funny, absurd and so on.

So we talked with our couriers, who agreed to share with us what a normal “office day” means for them on oziobisnuita.ro. We started with eight beautiful stories that have won our hearts on the spot, even though they do not compete for the prizes.

We invite all couriers, whether employed at FAN Courier or not, to tell their stories for a whole country to cheer for them. If you know a courier with an interesting story, you can send him/her an invitation to post the story on www.oziobisnuita.ro.

The most “applauded” courier deserves to discover Romania outside the working hours. So, the one who collects the greatest number of applauses at the end of the campaign, chooses the destination this time. More specifically, he wins a seven day trip, anywhere in Romania, with pleasure. And because a courier is always on the road, meaning always on the run, they can win every week by raffle a survival kit with the tools needed to overcome everyday challenges.

The campaign runs for nine weeks (16 October – 15 December) and is promoted online, on cinema screens, at radio and OOH.

The first “confessions” have already arisen and have gathered nearly 3000 applause. You can see them here.

Are you a courier? What stories have you gathered over time?

Sign up and you can win the big prize: a trip anywhere in Romania!

No matter what courier company you work for, it only matters that you do your job with love and fully enjoy your daily happenings and challenges.

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