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25 years of FAN. Together.

The FAN story begins with three young entrepreneurs, with a business idea, a green Dacia 1300 and an incredible desire to succeed.

25 years later, FAN Courier continues to write history: it is the market leader in the courier industry in Romania, it has a team of over 8000 people, tens of thousands of customers and countless partners with whom it grows sustainably, together with the environment business and community.

For 25 years we have been writing together the success story of 100% Romanian entrepreneurship. In a world in continuous transformation, full of unpredictability, we have one certainty: Together we are stronger.

We thank everyone who celebrated and is celebrating with us 25 years of successful deliveries, , those who trust us and who help us write the story of FAN Courier page by page, and all those who reward us, every day, with a smile at delivery.

Happy Birthday, FAN Courier! Let’s see each other, and in multiples of 25 years!

The FAN Courier story was celebrated in early March with an anniversary event, which you can watch here:

Learn more about FAN Courier’s first 25 years here https://www.fancourier.ro/en/FAN-courier-25-de-ani-de-excelenta-pe-piata-de-curierat/.

eCommerce Solutions

FAN Courier has created modules for integrating courier services on your website.