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SMiShing alert!


If you receive SMS messages like the ones in the picture, please do not access the link and do not enter your personal data❗️

There is a new SMiShing attempt where cyber attackers use SMS to send a fraudulent link to customers in order to obtain their bank details. Once accessed, the link directs you to a fake page that exactly copies the image of our official website.

Stay vigilant!

❗️Make sure the link is correct (https://www.fancourier.ro/awb-tracking/), with the ending .ro.

❗️ Watch for any questionable wording or grammatical error and check the phone number you received the SMS from.

FAN Courier will never ask for your card information (card number, expiration date, CVC code) or confidential personal information❗️

✔️The only data that can be transmitted safely are the name and the IBAN code.

❕️View with suspicion any such request and, before providing the requested data, check the veracity of the message at cyber.security@fancourier.ro ✔️

✔️Only you can protect yourself from such cyber scams. ?

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