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Phishing alert!


There is a new phishing attempt❗ Fake emails are transmitted, using the FAN Courier name and logo. The emails contain fake links through which cyber attackers try to obtain your bank details. If you receive an email where the sender address is visibly different from the FAN identity, do not open it and report it as SPAM.

How can you strengthen the defense?

✔ Compare the sender’s address and signature, sometimes they don’t match or they use domains that look like the company name.

❗ FAN Courier will never ask you for card information (card number, expiration date, CVC code), or such suspicius request.

✔ The only data that can be transmitted safely are the name and the IBAN code.

❗ Do not open any attachment or link sent from an address you do not recognize.

✔Only you can protect yourself from such cyber scams. ?

Be vigilant ❕

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