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FAN Courier organized a humanitarian transport to Ukraine

FAN Courier, together with the FAN Courier Foundation, organized an independent humanitarian transport consisting of FAN Courier trucks and 2 Pubblica Assistenza SFERA ambulances in Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine.

The convoy transported more than 27 tons of humanitarian aid collected by the Maramures Red Cross to Ivano-Frankivsk, a town 250 km from the border, in a region heavily affected by bombing, the area where humanitarian convoys with trucks reach very hard due to existing risks.

We would especially like to thank our colleagues who, as they proved to us during the pandemic, are true heroes. Thanks to their courage and dedication, passing through a bombed-out region even on the day of the transport, the isolated people in Ivano Frankvisk received essential products for living.

At the company level, but also at the individual level, through our dedicated employees, from Bucharest and from all over the country, we have been involved in social actions and we will continue to do so, as long as necessary, in this troubled geopolitical context. in the socio-economic environment so severely affected.

We are wherever we are needed.




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