EUROCARGO service offers solutions for occasional transportations, and also long and short-term projects, as shipping company.


  • It supposes the goods international road transportation in less than truckload regime/dedicated transportation or air or maritime transportations in EU and non-EU countries;
  • Available for parcels, palletised or atypical goods, in three variants: importation, exportation or internally;
  • We assure support both as far as it concerns the necessary documentation, and also the transportation process;
  • The goods move based on CMR/POD partner;
  • We offer favourable solutions with customization possibility;
  • The Eurocargo service is currently available only for legal entities.


  • ROAD

– less than truckload – LTL
– dedicated (exclusive) transportation – FTL

  • AIR

– full container – FCL
– partial container – LCL


– full container – FCL

– partial container – LCL


  • Documents return
  • Pallets return
  • Dolly/pallet jack lease
  • Support with lift equipped machine

*The above-mentioned options are surcharge.


  • Operated nationally and internationally through the partners network operating at high quality standards.
  • Available for all the destinations in Europe, in importation or exportation procedure regime.


  • Between 1 - 20.000 kg
  • The service allows full or partial truckload



Please ask for a customised offer at the e-mail address

FAN Courier reserves the right not to insure this delivery service in the minimum one and maximum 3 working days, with the obligation to inform the customers about this fact before picking up the order, under the following conditions:

  • Unfavourable weather conditions independent of the company’s will (fog, heavy snow, snow blocks, heavy rains, floods, yellow/orange/red code, frost, closed/non-operable roads etc.);
  • Large number of registered and in operation orders;
  • Large volume of orders in relation to the existent logistic facility under special conditions or crowded year periods (Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, March 1st and 8th etc.);
  • AWB is not generated from the SelfAWB app.
Attention! The customer’s approval at order pick-up by FAN Courier under the previously specified conditions equals with its acceptance of the non-execution risk in the minimum one and maximum 3 working days.

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    * The transpalet/liza rental will be paid, but the lift assistance is free, except for the routes that are not part of the direct networks of the partners.

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    * Packaging methods: Europallet, American pallet, Max pallet, ½ pallet, ¼ pallet, Package, Rollers, Free pallet, Unpackaged

    Specify the packaging method for each piece. Ex: 3 pallets and 2 packages.

    If the goods units differ in size, please specify.


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