On January 16th 2021, between 8:00pm and 11:00pm, we scheduled maintenance works to optimize the selfAWB app, so the services will be temporarily restricted. Please take all the necessary measures in advance to avoid blocking your workflow.Live

Attention! A new phishing attack

A new phishing attack in which our company name is used to distribute Trojan infested files has been launched.


Please check the e-mail address from which you receive information about FAN Courier shipments and do NOT open the attached files. This time, the email addresses used looks very much like a real one.

We emphasize that our database was not affected by this new cyber-attack attempt, the data of each of our clients being secure. There were no data leaks or security breaches.

What we recommend:

  • Do not open files received by email unless you know the source.
  • Avoid accessing the “irresistible offers” received by the e-mail.
  • Make sure your devices have security solutions installed.





ASP Oradea, vice-champion at the IWBT 15th edition ‘Maria’ 2019!

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FAN Courier is the main partner of International Tournament of Basketball in Wheelchair ‘Maria’, for the 10th year in a row

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We opened a new FAN Courier agency in Cluj-Napoca!

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We opened a new FAN Courier agency in Glina!

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