Due to the bad weather and the orange snow code in 7 counties, there will be delays in delivery. The RED CODE service is suspended for an indefinite period. Thank you for your understanding.

FAN Courier Coverage

The promise we keep every day "ANYWHERE WITH PLEASURE" is supported by out 100% nationwide coverage.


The courier service is available throughout Romania and the number of localities served without paying extra mileage fee increase each year, reaching 3.701 at the moment. Check the list before you place an order.

Check the list

Limited access localities

The door-to-door delivery service is not available in some parts of the country due to difficult or restricted access. In these localities, deliveries can be placed and taken to the nearest FAN Courier agency, or a fee can payed for extra kms and the courier will arrive at exact destination.

Check the list

* This list is subject to changes that we will communicate in real time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Estimate taxes for extra km: