White goods >30 kg

A goods transport service which implies the freight forwarding over 30 kg which contain white goods (home appliances).


  • Using the White Goods>30 kg service, you will benefit of delivery of order in a minimum term of one and maximum 3 working days, from the pick-up date. This term may vary based on weight, dimension and destination;
  • There is the possibility to pre-set a pick-up hour of dispatches every day;
  • For this service, the goods which contain white products of large home appliances type are accepted, such as, but not limited to: fridges, washing machines, freezers, cookers, industrial air conditioning units, embedded ovens etc.



Free services, for all the FAN Courier customers

  • The SelfAWB app allows printing AWBs and registering dispatches with FAN Courier; the customer thus benefits of reduced delivery-receipt time of dispatches towards the courier, can view the certification of delivery by the recipient on the transport document and has information about the intermediate statuses;
  • Certification of delivery offered by phone or tracking the delivery based on the AWB number, on www.fancourier.ro .
  • Payment at destination of dispatches;
  • Contact by phone of the recipient, for deliveries under special conditions;
  • Storage of dispatches with wrong addresses or with other statuses for maximum 7 calendar days from notification, for return;

Services offered to the customers who have a contract signed with FAN Courier

  • The Client Tracking tool allows the view of a personalized page which contains information about dispatches and certifications of delivery;
  • The possibility to receive deliveries with payment directly in your account from any branch of the company or business partners;
  • The issuance of a bimonthly invoice along with an annex containing details about the dispatches from that period;
  • For users of SelfAWB app – the possibility to view the bimonthly invoices, second day after their issuance;
  • The SelfAWB app: each user has the possibility to create its own data base with partners towards which there are frequent dispatches, by individual configuration or import from an own data base; benefits of reduced delivery-receipt time of dispatches towards the courier and can view the certification of delivery by the recipient on the transport document;


Product category Product type Appropriate package
White Goods >30 kg Fridge, washing machine, cooker Wood package filled with polystyrene



According to the Terms and Conditions for Freight forwarding.


The White Goods >50 kg service is available in Romania.


  • The minimum weight for this service is 30 kg
  • For dispatches up to 30 kg weight, please see the White Goods <30 kg service.



First 30 kg: 102.50 lei (121.98 lei VAT included)
Each additional kg: 2.50 lei (without VAT) / 2.98 lei (with VAT)
Each additional km: 0.80 lei (without VAT) / 0.95 lei (with VAT)**
Dispatches without AWB issued by the customer from the online apps: 2.00 lei (without VAT) / 2.38 lei (with VAT)**
Saturday delivery: 6.00 lei (without VAT / 7.14 lei (with VAT)**
*Displayed tariffs contain the value without and with VAT
**The shipping cost corresponding to the type of service chosen is added.




Collector account reimbursement

Cash reimbursement






SMS Business

Pick-up PreAlert

FAN Courier reserves the right not to insure this delivery service in between 2-7 working days, with the obligation to inform the customers about this fact before picking up the order, under the following conditions:

  • Unfavourable weather conditions independent of the company’s will (fog, heavy snow, snow blocks, heavy rains, floods, yellow/orange/red code, frost, closed/non-operable roads etc.);
  • Large number of registered and in operation orders;
  • Large volume of orders in relation to the existent logistic facility under special conditions or crowded year periods (Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, March 1st and 8th etc.);
  • AWB is not generated from the SelfAWB app.
Attention! The customer’s approval at order pick-up by FAN Courier under the previously specified conditions equals with its acceptance of the non-execution risk in between 2-7 working days.

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