White goods >30 kg

A goods transport service which implies the freight forwarding over 30 kg which contain white goods (home appliances).


  • Using the White Goods>30 kg service, you will benefit of delivery of order in a minimum term of one and maximum 3 working days, from the pick-up date. This term may vary based on weight, dimension and destination;
  • There is the possibility to pre-set a pick-up hour of dispatches every day;
  • For this service, the goods which contain white products of large home appliances type are accepted, such as, but not limited to: fridges, washing machines, freezers, cookers, industrial air conditioning units, embedded ovens etc.



Free services, for all the FAN Courier customers

  • The SelfAWB app allows printing AWBs and registering dispatches with FAN Courier; the customer thus benefits of reduced delivery-receipt time of dispatches towards the courier, can view the certification of delivery by the recipient on the transport document and has information about the intermediate statuses;
  • Certification of delivery offered by phone or tracking the delivery based on the AWB number, on www.fancourier.ro .
  • Payment at destination of dispatches;
  • Contact by phone of the recipient, for deliveries under special conditions;
  • Storage of dispatches with wrong addresses or with other statuses for maximum 7 calendar days from notification, for return;

Services offered to the customers who have a contract signed with FAN Courier

  • The Client Tracking tool allows the view of a personalized page which contains information about dispatches and certifications of delivery;
  • The possibility to receive deliveries with payment directly in your account from any branch of the company or business partners;
  • The issuance of a bimonthly invoice along with an annex containing details about the dispatches from that period;
  • For users of SelfAWB app – the possibility to view the bimonthly invoices, second day after their issuance;
  • The SelfAWB app: each user has the possibility to create its own data base with partners towards which there are frequent dispatches, by individual configuration or import from an own data base; benefits of reduced delivery-receipt time of dispatches towards the courier and can view the certification of delivery by the recipient on the transport document;


Product category Product type Appropriate package
White Goods >30 kg Fridge, washing machine, cooker Wood package filled with polystyrene



According to the Terms and Conditions for Freight forwarding.


  • The minimum weight for this service is 30 kg
  • For dispatches up to 30 kg weight, please see the White Goods <30 kg service.



First 30 kg: 122 lei (without VAT) / 145.18 lei (with VAT)
Each additional kg: 3.00 lei (without VAT) / 3.57 lei (with VAT)
Each additional km: 0.95 lei (without VAT) / 1.13 lei (with VAT)**
Dispatches without AWB issued by the customer from the online apps: 2.00 lei (without VAT) / 2.38 lei (with VAT)**
Saturday delivery: 7.00 lei (without VAT) / 8.33 lei (with VAT)**
*Displayed tariffs contain the value without and with VAT
**The shipping cost corresponding to the type of service chosen is added.
The fuel index available here is added to the displayed prices.




Collector account reimbursement

Cash reimbursement






SMS Business

Pick-up PreAlert

FAN Courier reserves the right not to insure this delivery service in between 2-7 working days, with the obligation to inform the customers about this fact before picking up the order, under the following conditions:

  • Unfavourable weather conditions independent of the company’s will (fog, heavy snow, snow blocks, heavy rains, floods, yellow/orange/red code, frost, closed/non-operable roads etc.);
  • Large number of registered and in operation orders;
  • Large volume of orders in relation to the existent logistic facility under special conditions or crowded year periods (Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, March 1st and 8th etc.);
  • AWB is not generated from the SelfAWB app.
Attention! The customer’s approval at order pick-up by FAN Courier under the previously specified conditions equals with its acceptance of the non-execution risk in between 2-7 working days.

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