A receipt confirmation type of service which consists in the delivery towards the sender of the proof regarding the delivery of the registered postal dispatch, confirmed in written by the recipient phisically, in a minimum one and maximum 3 working days term, using a road transport solution.

oPOD – Original Proof Of Delivery


The service can be selected only by the sender by paying a tax of 12.00 lei (without VAT)/dispatch; 14.28 lei (with VAT)/dispatch.
*Displayed tariffs contain the value without and with VAT



Only one of the two possibilities can be selected: ePOD/oPOD. These are mutually exclusive.



According to the General Conditions Regarding the Provision of Postal Services.




FAN Courier reserves the right not to insure this delivery service in the minimum one and maximum 3 working days, with the obligation to inform the customers about this fact before picking up the order, under the following conditions:

  • Unfavourable weather conditions independent of the company’s will (fog, heavy snow, snow blocks, heavy rains, floods, yellow/orange/red code, frost, closed/non-operable roads etc.);
  • Large number of registered and in operation orders;
  • Large volume of orders in relation to the existent logistic facility under special conditions or crowded year periods (Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, March 1st and 8th etc.);
  • AWB is not generated from the SelfAWB app.
Attention! The customer’s approval at order pick-up by FAN Courier under the previously specified conditions equals with its acceptance of the non-execution risk in the minimum one and maximum 3 working days.

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