eBOX by FAN Courier is a delivery option of product ordered online, in any of the eBOX lockers located in various locations in Bucharest.


  • eBOX is especially targeted at eCommerce customers;
  • The service is the ideal solution for active people who can not adapt their schedule to be at home when a package is delivered for them;
  • In addition to the classic door-to-door delivery method, online shopping customers can choose eBOX lockers as their delivery point directly from partner websites that have integrated this option;
  • Deliveries are picked up by FAN Courier representatives and submited the next business day in the customer’s chosen lockers. As soon as the shipments are available in the lockers, the recipients receive a SMS or email notification with a PIN and the information needed to lift the package;
  • Subsequently, customers will choose a convenient timeframe for their schedule and will move to the chosen eBOX lockers.Then, using the touch screen and the PIN receivedbySMS or e-mail PIN, the name and signature, they will be able to pick up the packages. The operations performed on eBOX lockers are intuitive and easy to navigate;
  • The eBOX option can only be associated with the Standard service and can not be associated with the Check on Delivery options, Return Documents, oPOD, Collector Account, Red Code, Express Loco, International Road & Air, Eurocargo, Specification;
  • Only AWBs issued through the selfAWB, A5 and ePOD format are supported;
  • Integration of eBOX is via the IT solutions provided by FAN Courier. The option can also be accessed through other punctual ways.



  • eBOX availability is 24/7;
  • The comfortable picking up time of the package is 7 days;


The Benefits of Online Stores: The Benefits of the Online Shop Clients:
Comfortable delivery solution suitable for most customers; Flexibility: eBox availability is 24/7. Comfortable pick up of the package – 7 days;
Increases the rate of delivered packages on first day; Proximity: eBOXs are located in very accessible locations;
Significantly reduces the return rate and refusal to receive; 100% control: the recipient will decide the location and exact time at which the shipment will be picked up;
24/7 availability; Comfort: ease of accessing and using eBOX lockers;
Reduces the number of incoming calls from customers requesting delivery details or reprogramming the delivery; Safety: eBoxs are positioned in controlled locations, have alarm and vandalism protection systems;
Increases customer interest in online payment of the products; Privacy: Provides discretion, no one will know when and what packages you receive;
Contributes to sales growth; Self Service: reduces the need for phone calls and interactions with the FAN Courier staff.
Contributes to reducing the number of customers who do not complete the purchase steps;
API integration – simple and efficient shipping management system
Complete Tracking System for shipments delivered to eBOX.


More about the eBOX locker

  • eBOX is a fully automated system permanently connected to FAN Courier applications;
  • It consists of a touch screen control unit and multi-dimensional compartments with an electronic locking system;
  • The control unit communicates with FAN Courier systems and when the package is shipped by the courier in the eBox, the system sends the recipient a sms / email notification containing the unique code of collection and all necessary information for picking up the package;
  • Features: powerful software and hardware, touchscreen, alarm and vandalism protection, 220V power supply, ePOD confirmation system, scanner, 3G connectivity;
  • The eBOX lockers do not have cash or cash card receipts, so card / cash receipts can not be accepted from recipients (Refund, Transport Fees, etc.);
  • Recipients have the opportunity to pick up expeditions from eBOX bundles in 7 calendar days. Upon expiration of this deadline, unsolicited consignments will be returned to senders.




  • Cassette sizes:
    • S - 8 x 44 x 61 cm
    • M - 17.5 x 44 x 61 cm
    • L - 36.5 x 44 x 61 cm
  • Cassete Number: 47;
  • Parcels: maximum 1 parcel or envelope/expedition;
  • Weight: maximum 30kg/parcel;


Transport taxes

e-Mail: eBOX@fancourier.ro
Phone: 021.9336
*normal call without surcharge




FAN Courier reserves the right to not provide the delivery service in an average time of 24 hours, with the obligation to inform the customers about this before taking the order, under the following conditions:

  • Bad weather conditions independent of the company’s will (fog, blizzard, snow, heavy rain, flooding, yellow/orange/red code, icy/closed/ ineffective roads, etc);
  • Large number of orders registered and in operation;
  • Large volume of orders reported to the existing logistics facility, due to special situations or crowded year periods (Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, 1st-8th of March, etc);
  • The AWB is not generated from the SelfAWB application.
The customer’s approval from the order takeover by FAN Courier, in the previous mentioned conditions equals with his acceptance of failure risk in providing the average term of 24 hours for the delivery.

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