A service that implies the collection, sorting, transport and delivery of envelopes (max 500 grams) and parcels (max 30 kg) in a minimum term of one and maximum 3 working days, at the eBOX lockers (contact points), using a road transport solution.


  • eBOX is addressed especially to our eCommerce customers;
  • The service represents the ideal solution for active people who cannot or want not  adapt their schedule to be home for the delivery of a parcel;
  • Besides the classic method of door-to-door delivery, the customers who are buying online can choose the eBOX lockers as delivery points, directly from the partner websites which integrated this service;
  • Dispatches are picked-up by the FAN Courier representatives and submitted the second working day in the lockers chosen by the customers. After the dispatches are available in the lockers, the recipients receive an SMS or e-mail notification with a PIN code and the information for picking up the parcel;
  • Subsequently, customers will choose a convenient time period for their schedule and will go to the chosen eBOX lockers. Then, using the touch screen of the lockers and the PIN code received via SMS or e-mail, name and signature, they will be able to pick-up the parcels. The operations performed at the eBOX lockers are intuitive and easy to cover;
  • eBOX can be associated only with the Standard service and cannot be associated to the Check on Delivery, Return of Documents, oPOD, Collector Account Reimbursement, Cash Reimbursement, Red Code, Express Loco, International Road & Air, Eurocargo options and services;
  • Only the AWBs issued through the SelfAWB app , A5 format and ePOD are accepted;
  • The integration of the eBOX service is made through the IT solutions made available by FAN Courier or through other means that can be settled on spot.


  • The availability of the eBOX contact points is 24/7;
  • The comfortable pick-up term for the envelope or parcel is maximum 7 days.
The Benefits of Online Stores: The Benefits of the Online Shop Clients:
Comfortable delivery solution suitable for most customers; Flexibility: eBOX availability is 24/7. Comfortable pick up of the package – 7 calendar days from notification;
Increases the rate of delivered packages on first day; Proximity: eBOXs are located in very accessible locations;
Significantly reduces the return rate and r+A4:A5efusal to receive; 100% control: the recipient will decide the location and exact time at which the shipment will be picked up;
24/7 availability; Comfort: ease of accessing and using eBOX lockers;
Reduces the number of incoming calls from customers requesting delivery details or reprogramming the delivery; Safety: eBOXs are positioned in controlled locations, have alarm and vandalism protection systems;
Increases customer interest in online payment of the products; Privacy: Provides discretion, no one will know when and what packages you receive;
Contributes to sales growth; Self Service: reduces the need for phone calls and interactions with the FAN Courier staff.
Contributes to reducing the number of customers who do not complete the purchase steps;
API integration – simple and efficient shipping management system;
Complete Tracking System for shipments delivered to eBOX.

More about the eBOX locker

  • eBOX is a completely automated system permanently connected to the FAN Courier apps;
  • It is made of a command unit with touch screen and compartments of various dimensions provisioned with an electronic locker system;
  • The command unit communicates with the FAN Courier system and when the parcel is delivered by the courier in the eBOX locker, the system sends the recipient a notification via sms/e-mail which contains the sole collection code and all the necessary information to pick-up the parcel;
  • Features: top software and hardware, touch screen, alarm and protection against vandalism, 220V supply, ePOD delivery certification system, scanner, 3G connectivity;
  • The eBOX lockers don’t have bank card or cash collection systems, so no dispatches with card/cash collection from recipients can be accepted (Reimbursement, transport taxes etc.);
  • The recipients have the possibility to pick-up the dispatches from the eBOX lockers in 7 calendar days from notification. After the expiration of this term, the dispatches unclaimed by the receivers will be returned to senders.

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E-mail: eBOX@fancourier.ro
Phone: 021.9336 (normal call, no surcharge)


According to the General Conditions Regarding the Provision of Postal Services.



  • Box dimensions:
    • S - 8 x 44 x 61 cm
    • M - 17.5 x 44 x 61 cm
    • L - 36.5 x 44 x 61 cm
  • No. of boxes: 47
  • Parcels: maximum 1 parcel or envelope/dispatch
  • Weight: maximum 30 kg/parcel




FAN Courier reserves the right not to insure this delivery service in the minimum one and maximum 3 working days, with the obligation to inform the customers about this fact before picking up the order, under the following conditions:

  • Unfavourable weather conditions independent of the company’s will (fog, heavy snow, snow blocks, heavy rains, floods, yellow/orange/red code, frost, closed/non-operable roads etc.);
  • Large number of registered and in operation orders;
  • Large volume of orders in relation to the existent logistic facility under special conditions or crowded year periods (Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, March 1st and 8th etc.);
  • AWB is not generated from the SelfAWB app.
Attention! The customer’s approval at order pick-up by FAN Courier under the previously specified conditions equals with its acceptance of the non-execution risk in the minimum one and maximum 3 working days.

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