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The package’s road from the sender to the recipient with FAN Courier

You receive packages, envelopes and enjoy it when your online order is delivered to you in less than 2 hours, but did you ever wonder how the delivery system works? Who is sorting the envelopes? Who is making sure they go to the exact address or who is weighting them? Beyond the work and dedication of each courier, driver, handler or call center operator, it is a complex system and the latest technology that enables the entire process.




From sender to recipient: an order’s steps with FAN Courier

To closely understand the FAN Courier system, here are the steps that every registered order follows:

Step 1: Preparing the Package

Probably the most important step in the delivery process is proper packaging. This way, you make sure that whatever your package contains, it will arrive safely at its destination. Before you pack what you want to send by FAN Courier, please check the packaging conditions for each type of material.


Step 2: Placing the Order

The order can be made online on our website or using dedicated application for Android or iOS, after the completion of the AWB. Other ways for ordering are: by telephone and e-mail.

The AWB is the most important unit, it helps identifying an order, while Self AWB is the online service for managing deliveries from FAN Courier. Self AWB allows sending and receiving packages in a reduced time. Also, using this application, you know the exact shipment route, when and how it arrived at its destination. Furthermore, users can create a Self AWB database that allows them to easily send documents and packages without introducing the address every time. Moreover, the order can be tracked through AWB Tracking.


Step 3: Handing the Package

The courier is called to destination, where he scans the order and introduces it in the system. No envelope or package is taken without being introduced in the system, not even those using rapid service Express Loco. After checking the package, the courier puts it in the car to carry it to the sending HUB.

FAN Courier has a central HUB and 10 branches in the capital city. In the country, there are transit points located in Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Focsani, Ramnicu Valcea, Targu Mures, Bacau, Campia Turzii, Caransebes, Sebes, Suceava, Targu Jiu and Pitesti. There are also over 100 warehouses located throughout the territories of the country, at least one in each county.

Deliveries are taken from the sender, introduced in the FAN Courier network ever since the courier scans it and brought to the HUB or local pickup agency, where they are weighed and sorted by destination city.



Step 4: Package Transportation

The packages are loaded into the car (usually a large size truck) and transported during the night to the destination HUB, where there is a new sorting. Package sorting is done through an automated system, with sorting bands and dedicated FAN Courier employees, in charge of loading packages in cars for the final destination. Each platform in the country is organized in the same way, using similar procedures and all system data is analyzed in real-time via VPN.

FAN Courier has a sorting band with a length of 324 meters, the packages being transported with an average speed of 2.5 m/ sec. The entire system operates at an extremely low noise level of 70 dB, equivalent to a freezer, thus ensuring optimal comfort for the employees.



Step 5: Package Delivery

The package is taken and signed again by the courier assigned for handing in. That is when the recipient is notified by SMS that will receive the package the next day, between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Each courier has a well defined schedule for picking up and handing in the packages every day, all couriers being notified with all the recipients regarding the exact time of delivery.

Video: the road of a package sent with FAN Courier

These five steps that the package takes from shipment to destination are standard steps, which follow standard procedures. These, in turn, are introduced into the system for accuracy of information and organizing deliveries. The time of delivery and the delivery and collection points are however different depending on the selected type of service. You can choose a standard or express service, domestic or international etc. Find out more about services FAN Courier here.

What service did you choose for your last order? 🙂

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